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  • Charlie


    Charlie is our star and a type of do-gooder boy scout. He’s not really a know-it-all, but does know a lot and loves to share his knowledge. He is a bit of a perfectionist and expects others to take the same approach. He has a very helpful spirit, loves his family and friends and knows the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated.

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  • Cella


    Popular yet inclusive, Cella is not one to sit on the sidelines and cheer while the boys have all the fun. She's a sports buff and health nut who wants to be a full participant in all of life's thrills. While she's got her own friends, she can hang with Charlie's crew too, and isn't shy to challenge any of them to a race- any place, any time. Even though she's competitive, and considers Charlie a bit of an athletic rival, she's always a good sport and plays by the rules, and expects others to do the same.

  • Morgan


    Likeable, gullible, and naïve, Morgan is a type of tag-along friend of Charlie’s. He doesn’t want to offend anyone and laughs at dumb jokes though he is not a dumb person. He is a very loyal friend to Charlie and Webber. He has a weight problem that he is aware of but does little about it.

  • Webber


    Webber is out for himself. He is not mean spirited; however, he needs to always get what he wants – even if you have to suffer for it. He always has an angle and can always get Morgan to do whatever he needs him to do. Charlie is another story. He doesn’t fall for Webber’s selfish trickery. For that reason, the two tend to bicker at times but it rarely comes between their odd friendship. Charlie is aware of Webber’s ways and is above it.

  • Ray Ray

    Ray Ray

    Ray Ray is a Native American boy who lives in Cardioville with his peaceful and wise relative, uncle Wahi. Ray Ray goes to school with all of the other visits his tribe's cultural center to learn more about his traditional heritage. He learns about traditional beliefs and their connection with the environment. He is being brought up to take care of his body and keep it pure from unhealthy foods. He likes to eat sweets and sometimes overeats to the point where his stomach hurts. Ray Ray also is interested in making some of his family's traditional foods healthier, such as fry bread. When Ray Ray needs sound advice, he often turns to his uncle Wahi

  • Uncle Wahi

    Uncle Wahi

    Raising Ray Ray has been quite a challenge, but at the same time a wonderful experience for Uncle Wahi. He always keeps his composure and maintains a complete, peaceful attitude regardless of the situation. This characteristic has not only been a long-standing trait in Uncle Wahi's traditional ways, but he wishes nothing more than to instill them in Ray Ray's everyday life. He also understands that it is very important not to overreact in certain situations as most people often do in this new world of "people always on the go".Uncle Wahi believes that the slower you move the more information you gather from the things and people around you. His favorite saying is "you can spend a lifetime just learning about the things in your own back yard." Uncle Wahi's attitude towards life is very important to his health because he tries to avoid any high stresses that may lead to high blood pressure or heart failure. A calm voice and willingness to communicate with people is his strategy for maintaining a healthy heart.

  • Notah


    Notah Begay 111 is a Native American pro golfer who lives in Cardioville. He is good friends with Uncle Wahi and his nephew Ray Ray, who also are Native American. When Notah is not on the golf course competing, he dedicates his time to positively impact the Native American youth by addressing health, education and leadership development. Notah enjoys visiting the Cardioville School kids to speak to them about the importance of nutritition and physical activity. He also is a frequent guest on Chef Jamie’s cooking show “Healthy Foods Forever” in which he concocts traditional Native American recipes for kids but with a healthy spin.

  • Chef Jamie

    Chef Jamie

    Chef Jamie is a world renowned chef who also has his own cooking show, “Healthy Foods Forever.”  His professional career began as an Apprentice Chef at Gutville’s Estómago Five-Star Hotel in a prestigious and picturesque community. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he moved back to Cardioville in pursuit of his audacious dream—to host his own TV cooking show that promotes healthy and delicious foods for the entire Cardioville Kids community and around the world. Not only does he have frequent celebrity guests, but he invites the local community’s parents and children to be part of his show to help him concoct his infamous healthy dishes that leave people breathless and craving for more.  He loves power walking, his pet Iguana Fidel and volunteering at the homeless food kitchen.

  • peabody

    MS. Peabody

    Ms. Peabody teaches in Cardioville Elementary School and is well liked and well-respected by her peers and students.  She received a degree in Early Childhood Education from Cardioville’s Aorta Metropolitan College. She took many years off to travel around the world, including places like Brainville, Immunoville and Muscleville. She also volunteers at the local elderly nurse home and enjoys several sports activities such as swimming and racquetball. She is impressed with the enthusiasm and involvement of the parents and families here at Cardioville! She loves cats, ballroom dancing and enjoys taking her students on “imaginary journeys” to other cultures in class.

  • Coach Carr

    Coach Carr

    Coach Carr is the Physical Education teacher in Cardioville Elementary School. Whenever his whistle goes off he really means business. All the kids listen to what he has to say because he brings over 30 years of experience teaching and motivating the kids in Cardioville and helping them make healthy choices that will last a lifetime. He does not like flakes or those who cut corners as it could only cheat their health and well-being in the long run.  Coach Carr also is a former Decathlon athlete who won three gold medals at the Cardioville Olympic Games years ago.  He loves body surfing, hanging out at the OkeyDokey coffee shop and with his “part good- part bad” dog Sammy.

Neighborhood Kids

  • Monica
  • Max
  • Vicky
  • Chico